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Michael Carrick Appreciates Fan Comparisons to Teammate Paul Scholes

February 25th, 2013 at 12:00 PM
By Glenn Hamilton

Michael Carrick is enjoying his comparisons to Manchester United teammate Paul Scholes. The United faithful at Loftus Road on Saturday sang a song comparing Carrick to Scholes after the England international put in another commanding performance in midfield.

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Carrick has been having a fantastic season, quite possibly his best yet. He has played in almost every United game so far this season and has been arguably one of the Red Devil's best players this season. He has mainly been featured in the same type of holding midfielder role that his teammate Scholes has made his own over the course of his career and Carrick has excelled at it. Always one to come in for criticism from fans in past seasons, Carrick has really stepped up this season and now appears to be a fan favorite. 

The United fans began singing their song for Carrick in the second half of United's 2-0 win over Queens Park Rangers. The song went 'It's Carrick, you know it's hard to believe it's not Scholes' and the song was sung to the tune of 'Magic' by Pilot. Carrick was obviously pleased to be mentioned in the same song as the United legend and pointed out that he has picked up valuable lessons from Scholes.

"Scholesy is a legend, so I don't know whether it tongue in cheek but it is a nice song and I will take that. It is always good to be compared to players like that. Paul is as good as it gets and has been throughout his career. To train alongside him and have the chance to learn everyday has been something I have tried to make the most of. It has helped me bring my own game on whether he knows it or not and that has been a big help."

Scholes himself has been struggling with an injury that has seen him miss a number of weeks thus far but, for perhaps the first time in his long illustrious career, he has not been missed due to Carrick's great play. Scholes may likely retire at the end of the season leaving the position solely in Carrick's possession and the United fans will be confident it is in good hands.

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